Her Mom Is Trying To Pressure Her Into Having A Big Wedding And Claims She’ll Regret It If She Goes Smaller

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It’s not unusual for mothers and daughters to butt heads while planning for an upcoming wedding. Mothers usually want what they feel is best for their daughters, but sometimes they have the tendency to step over the line and try to take complete charge of the wedding plans.

One bride-to-be, in particular, is clashing with her mom, not over typical things like the dress or guest list, but the overall size of the wedding.

When she and her fiancé first got engaged, both sets of parents offered to help pay for the wedding. Although it was a very nice offer, she realized that she wasn’t interested in a big, extravagant wedding. Neither was her fiancé.

“We’re both more comfortable with the idea of a nice little relaxed ceremony somewhere beautiful and intimate,” she explained. “Which obviously has the added bonus of being cheaper.”

But someone in the family has an issue with this idea – her mom.

Her mom has told her numerous times that she will regret not having a larger, more traditional wedding.

Her mom seems to think that a small wedding is a waste of time and that it won’t be special at all. Not only that, but her mom is being selfish and disappointed as she wants to see her daughter have a fancy wedding.

The bride notes that this argument between her and her mom has been going on for over two weeks.

It’s all they seem to talk about these days, as it comes up every time they try and have a conversation.

fotofrol – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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