She Ditched Her Date At A Craft Store After He Said He Wants A Woman Who Cooks And Cleans While Dressed In Feminine Outfits

satura_ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It can be hard to know when it’s time to stop trying to date someone, especially if they’re sending mixed signals. But in some cases, it’s crystal clear.

TikToker Veronica Reyes (@thats_so_veronica) is discussing how the only Tinder date she had ever been on was so awful that she ditched the guy at a craft store.

So, she decided to try out the dating apps because she had been single for three years and wanted to get back out on the dating scene. She matched with a guy on Tinder, and they went out on a date in Austin, Texas. Everything went well, and he seemed totally normal.

The next day, she was at work. She managed a pet care company, and part of her duties included decorating the office for holidays.

Halloween was approaching, so she headed to the craft store to pick up some decorations. He ended up calling her to ask what she was doing. She told him that she was running errands for her job and that he could meet up with her at the craft store.

Once he arrived, they started walking around the store, browsing the aisles, and making small talk. She couldn’t find all the items she needed at the store, so they took her car to drive to another craft store. During the car ride, he began to tell her about the qualities he looked for in a woman. That was when she knew this guy was not the type of person she wanted to be with.

He told her that her job seemed intimidating to him. He wanted a woman who knew how to cook and clean. He also kept talking about how amazing his sister was. His sister kept her house clean, cooked for her husband, dressed in feminine outfits, and, most importantly, she did not make more money than her husband.

At first, Veronica thought he was joking. But when she tried to challenge him, she realized that he was completely serious. She told him that if she didn’t feel like cooking, she would just order a pizza. She also pointed out that women could be in positions of power, too. In response, he said that he would need to “break her” out of that mindset.

At that point, they were on the highway, so she had to play it cool until they reached the craft store. He continued to share his thoughts about women with her, stating that women belonged in the kitchen and didn’t deserve to be above men in any way.

satura_ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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