People Are Kind Of Upset That She Includes This Thing In Her Toddler’s Lunch Box As A Treat

One of TikTok’s latest trends is mom’s describing and recording what they put in their kid’s school lunches.

Some moms get really intense and creative with lunches, using special cookie cutters to cut out sliced vegetables into fancy shapes or writing really sweet notes on colorful paper.

Others embrace the reality of having kids who are picky eaters or have intense food allergies and will share with their followers how they work around their special needs.

A mom of two named Daisy (@muddlethroughmummy) is a parenting content creator who has made lunch-packing videos in the past, along with her other relatable mom videos. However, recently she upset some TikTok viewers after labeling something in her kid’s lunch as a ‘treat’ when some believe it is not a treat at all.

In her video, Daisy begins packing her three-year-old child’s lunch in a super cute lunch box with lots of little compartments.

It’s extremely healthy and nutritious, including a little cheddar cheese stick, a strawberry jam sandwich, two homemade protein balls, heart-shaped strawberries and blueberries, and star-shaped carrot and cucumber slices. How nice!

However, Daisy put a small box of raisins in the “treat” compartment of the lunchbox, and her viewers could not look past it.

“How is a raisin a treat?” commented one TikTok user.

TikTok; pictured above is the adorable lunch that Daisy packed for her toddler

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