Quit Comparing Yourself To TikToks And Instagram Reels, Because Those Can Now Be Photoshopped, Too

opolja - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

The everyday woman already had enough to compare herself to on social media.

From fake makeup on Facetune to endless photo filters on VSCO, it has been pretty easy for people around the globe to curate unrecognizable personas on social media.

Of course, we know that these edited images are totally bogus. But it is not always easy to spot an airbrushed photo here or a tweaked photo there while scrolling on Instagram.

And this grey area is exactly what leads people to question not just their appearance but overall worth and sense of accomplishment as human beings.

Now, though, social media users have but one more thing to be wary of– photoshopped video content.

Yep, that’s right– even videos have been corrupted by societal standards, too. Previously, it was insanely difficult for everyday people without design software backgrounds to sculpt their bodies in moving footage.

So, videos used to be the holy grail of truth, fighting back against the fakeness of Instagram and Facebook photos.

But, that time has come and gone– because many photoshopping apps now offer a video tool option. And the odds are that you have seen plenty of videos posted by celebrities and influencers who took advantage of it.

Plus, if you are thinking, “How real could a sculpted video actually look?” well, one creator and motivational speaker named Victoria Garrick revealed just how easy it could be to fall for fake footage.

opolja – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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