She Got The Heartbreaking News That Her Dog Will Be Disabled For Life After He Fell Off A Bed, But She’s Not Giving Up On Trying To Help Him Walk Again

On Friday, June 17th, Iggy, a beloved companion of Brittani Marie Crawford, was playing when he fell off the bed and injured his spine.

After the incident, Iggy lost most of his control over his bladder and bowel function, his back legs were unresponsive, and he was left in pain.

Upon observation with a veterinarian, Iggy was diagnosed with IVDD, also known as Intervertebral Disc Disease.

Unfortunately, due to the full extent of the fall, the poor pup developed a spinal disorder and required expensive surgery.

Brittani’s best friend, therapy dog, love of her life, and partner will most likely be handicapped for the rest of his life as the veterinarians and specialists believe he will not recover sensation in his back legs even after the surgery was completed.

There is less than a 10% chance he will regain function in his back legs with the possibility of being incontinent for the rest of his life, including assistance in expressing his bladder and fecal incontinence and having to use a wheelchair.

Despite this heartbreaking news, Brittany is not giving up on doing all that she can to help Iggy walk again one day.

Just last month, Iggy started going to physical therapy, where he receives massages, laser therapy, and electro-acupuncture.

Miraculously, Iggy is making strides, and he can stand up, bear some of his weight, and take a couple of steps.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Iggy

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