She Sadly Lost Her Family In The Fairview Fire, And Now Her Friend Is Raising Money To Help Her Recover From Third-Degree Burns

With little to no warning, the Fairview Fire in Hemet, California, raged through homes and communities, taking precious property, loved ones, and pets.

Panic quickly spread as families became aware of how close the fire was to their homes. In a matter of seconds, the raging fire left many folks trapped and unable to escape the chaos.

Firefighters worked tirelessly to battle the flames, which unfortunately grew substantially more vicious due to the dry terrain and triple-digit temperatures.

One family, in particular, was hit hard during this time. As they attempted to escape, they called a friend for help.

But unfortunately, by the time the couple reached the community, the area had been blocked off by law enforcement.

Tina and Ian Compton and their 27-year-old daughter, Mikayla Porter, tried to flee the scene. However, as they were getting in their car, the flames grew rapidly around them, trapping and burning the family inside the vehicle.

Thankfully, their neighbor, a retired firefighter, was able to rush over and save Kimberly, who is now in the burn unit with 3rd-degree burns mostly on her arms and legs. However, the wonderful mother, wife, and friend is now left to mourn her family, pets, and home.

Kimberly Valadez, a longtime friend of Tina’s, has organized a fundraiser to help get Kimberly through the recovery process and back on her feet. 

GoFundMe; pictured above is Tina with her family

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