She Sadly Lost Her Family In The Fairview Fire, And Now Her Friend Is Raising Money To Help Her Recover From Third-Degree Burns

“Tina is the most selfless, loving, giving, kind-hearted person. She is a very proud and devoted mother of her beautiful daughter Mikayla who was diagnosed with autism at a young age,” explained Kimberly on a GoFundMe page. “Tina was also married to the love of her life, Ian.”

The fundraiser goal has been set to $100,000 to help cover a portion of the recovery process, funerals, and anything Tina made need during this tragic time. Tina, unfortunately, has nothing left, including a source of income.

Two days ago, Kimberly shared an update on Tina’s condition, saying, “Tina still remains in ICU in the burn unit. Once again, we thought her healing process was moving in the right direction, but two days ago, after she had been struggling with her oxygen levels, she was told she had pneumonia.”

“Since then, it had only got worse, and they once again intubated her, and also she now has a tube in her lungs to drain the fluid. Thank you for the continued love & support.”

You can visit the GoFundMe page for Tina by clicking here.

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