She Showed Her Fiancé’s Cousin Her Prenup, And It Started A Ton Of Family Drama Because Her Fiancé Apparently Got An Asset His Cousin Was Supposed To Inherit

Upon actually going through the prenup, though, her friend made a damning discovery. Apparently, an heirloom that her fiancé’s cousin was supposed to inherit had actually gone to her fiancé and was listed as one of the assets in the agreement.

So, her fiancé’s cousin was beyond pissed off and started stirring up a lot of family drama over the item. And obviously, everyone in her fiancé’s family realized that her fiancé’s cousin had found out about the inheritance change because of her. So now, she has been named the cause of the drama and is being blamed by her in-laws.

“My fiancé’s dad asked why I showed it to her. And when I explained how I wanted her opinion since I did not have any experience with prenups, he told me that was what the lawyer was for,” she recalled.

Oh yeah– she also claims that she found a lawyer online to handle her half of the prenup. But, the lawyer is being paid for by her fiancé’s parents, and apparently, the lawyer has no clue who is signing his checks– which is another issue that sets off a whole bunch of other red flags.

For instance, why does her fiancé’s family have any involvement in her side of the prenup? Are they seriously just financing her legal fees?

But anyway, back to the main issue, she is now stuck in extremely hot water with her in-laws. Plus, even though her fiancé has been defending her from his family, he is also pretty upset with her.

After all, the prenup contained sensitive financial information that he believed should have been kept between just the two of them– not her, her fiancé, and his cousin. So, now she has been left wondering whether or not asking her “friend”– who is her fiancé’s cousin– to review the prenup was really the wrong thing to do or not.

Do you believe prenuptial agreements should be shared with friends or family members? What do you think about her fiancé’s family secretly paying for her lawyer? Did she mess up by sharing the prenup with her fiancé’s cousin or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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