She Told Her Mother-In-Law That Her Husband Picked Her To Be His Wife Before Telling Her Mother-In-Law To Leave Their House

Dash - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, this woman has a mother-in-law who is completely in love with her husband. Yep, that’s right– and not in a typical mother-son way. No, her mother-in-law is totally overbearing and tries to diminish her any chance she can.

In fact, after her husband graduated college, he moved out as soon as he could just to get away from his mother. Then, he continued to keep his mom at arm’s length over the next few years.

More recently, though, she and her husband had a baby girl together and agreed that her mother-in-law could spend more time around their family for her daughter.

And for a while, her mother-in-law was great with her daughter. On top of that, she really thought she saw a difference and believed her mother-in-law had actually changed her ways.

Well, that was until just a couple of days ago when her mother-in-law came over before her husband got home from work. And since her husband was not around, her mother-in-law apparently went back to all of her old ways.

First, her mother-in-law started making rude comments about her appearance and the mess in her house. However, she was nursing and did not want to get into an argument. So, she just brushed her mother-in-law’s comments off.

Once her husband got home from work, though, things only escalated. And it all began when her husband kissed her and her daughter’s foreheads and asked, “How are my beautiful girls?”

Apparently, even though it was obvious that her husband was speaking to her and her daughter, her mother-in-law chimed in.

“Before I could answer, my mother-in-law said that she was good and that my daughter was okay for now,” she recalled.

Dash – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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