She Was Sick Of Her Brother’s Fiancée Bullying Everyone Behind Their Backs, So She Called Her Ugly During A Girls’ Night Out

That night, Angie got sick and ended up having the miss the evening. But instead of minding her own business, Sarah took Angie’s absence as an opportunity to trash-talk Angie the entire night.

Apparently, Angie only has her GED and not a college degree. Sarah, on the other hand, has a Masters’s degree in biology and constantly uses intelligence to degrade other people.

So, Sarah started berating Angie for being a “moron” the entire night, and it was seriously hard for her to take.

After all, she claims that Angie is the sweetest person she knows. Moreover, Angie has never even said a bad thing about Sarah before.

However, one of Sarah’s final comments really pushed her over the edge. Apparently, Sarah claimed that Angie was “the furthest thing from traditionally intelligent.”

And after downing a few drinks and feeling a bit gutsy, she decided to take that opportunity and give Sarah a taste of her own medicine.

“I said, ‘Is the reason you’re insulting Angie here like a coward because she is traditionally beautiful, and you’re the furthest thing from it?'” she asked Sarah. Yikes!

She claims that Sarah is about three hundred pounds and “by all regards quite ugly.” Plus, she knew that Sarah’s weight and appearance were a massive trigger point.

Anyway, if you could not have guessed it, that comment prompted a massive argument– in which she ended up tearing Sarah’s appearance down feature by feature until Sarah was practically in tears.

Then, in the end, she told Sarah that she was just doing what Sarah does every single time she talks badly about people. But, unlike Sarah, she was doing it to the person’s face.

Obviously, the girls’ night was pretty much ruined after that, and everyone just went home separately for the evening.

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