She Went Out To Dinner With Her Boyfriend And His Kids, But When He Said That He Left His Credit Card At Home, She Got Up And Left

baranq - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 32-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her 36-year-old boyfriend for the last 9 months, and her boyfriend has two young kids.

Both of her boyfriend’s children love going out to eat at restaurants, so they all go out together about one time every week.

Every single time that she’s been going out to eat with her boyfriend and his kids lately, he has left his credit card at home.

He says he simply forgets it, and so she’s left to foot the bill for all of them.

“I’d obviously end up paying since we had the kids with us,” she explained. “But honestly, it left me broke this month and the month before.”

“I just received my payment for my 2nd job (part-time). We agreed to go out together with the kids, and I even sent him a text reminding him to not forget his credit card. He laughed it off.”

Well, it came time for them to head out to eat, and right as they sat down, her boyfriend allowed his children to order some pricey new items on the menu.

Prior to the food arriving at their table, she asked her boyfriend if he had his credit card, as she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be left to pay for everything this time.

Her boyfriend gave her a surprised look before digging around in his pockets. After a bit of time passed, he stared at her and said that he had to have forgotten it in a different pair of pants he planned on wearing to dinner.

baranq – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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