She Went Out To Dinner With Her Boyfriend And His Kids, But When He Said That He Left His Credit Card At Home, She Got Up And Left

Her boyfriend then wanted to know if she could pay for their dinner that night.

“The food was on the table, but I didn’t even get a bite,” she said. “I grabbed my stuff and got up. He freaked out, asking where I was going. I told him I wouldn’t be paying “this time AGAIN” and to enjoy his dinner with the kids. Then I walked out.”

Later on that evening, her boyfriend phoned her up and absolutely freaked out on her. Her boyfriend said he was shocked that she would leave him and his children to figure things out like that.

She reminded her boyfriend that it wasn’t fair for her to be the one paying for him and his kids to go out to eat every time, and he insisted that he had simply forgotten his credit card.

Her boyfriend then laced into her for not being sympathetic and forcing his kids to go home hungry as he couldn’t pay for their food.

“We got into an argument, and he’s been mad at me about it since then, saying things like how he needs to take a look at how I’m treating the kids specifically and how I was willing to let them go hungry with my selfishness,” she continued.

She’s left wondering if it really was so wrong of her not to want to pay for all of them to go out to eat.

If you were her, would you have gotten up and walked out too, or would you have agreed to pay the bill?

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