She Won’t Move Her Husband’s Service Dog Out Of The House Even Though It Makes Her Niece “Uncomfortable”

Dani - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s husband is disabled, but his service dog has been a major help around the house.

She got her husband a service dog about four years ago, and the pup is perfect for assisting her husband with day-to-day tasks.

Recently, though, her brother and his family, unfortunately, lost their home. So, they asked to move in with her and her husband for a few weeks until they could find another place to live.

She and her husband happily took them in without a second thought. But, her brother’s family has taken issue with one part of her home– her husband’s service dog.

More specifically, her fourteen-year-old niece started complaining about the service dog out of nowhere. Her niece claims that the dog makes her “uncomfortable”– but does not have any real reason to support that.

“It is strange. No allergies, no nothing. But my niece is just ‘uncomfortable,'” she said.

Anyway, her niece ended up telling her brother about it, which prompted her brother to ask if she could move the dog out of the house. And understandably, she said hell no.

“This dog is literally as helpful as a human being when it comes to people with disabilities. He is incredibly smart, and more importantly, he minds his own business and never bothers my niece!” she explained.

“She is just ‘uncomfortable’ with him for no reason.”

Dani – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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