She’s Dishing On How She Knew That Her Husband Was The One For Her And It’s Honestly Super Cute

Are you ready to hear a super cute love story?

Rebekka Reynolds (@rebekka_reyn) recently answered a question on TikTok asked by fellow TikTok creator Ashley Elliot (@ash.e.e). Ashley asks, “Ladies, how did you know that your man was the one?”

Rebekka responded in a clever way, leading into a story that is sure to melt your heart!

“You know how when you’re dating a guy, and you take some of their clothes, so you have a sweatshirt of theirs or a pair of sweatpants?” asks Rebekka at the beginning of her response video.

Rebekka then explains that some of the guys she dated in the past would give her clothing items that didn’t have anything meaningful attached to them whatsoever.

They would offer her teeshirts that didn’t fit them or something that they said they never wore anymore. How warm and fuzzy…not!

“I never thought anything of it,” says Rebekka.

That is until one guy, in particular, took Rebekka’s request very seriously. He went through his things and pulled out a teeshirt that Rebekka noticed him wearing all the time.

TikTok; pictured above is Rebekka

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