She’s Giving Her 21-Year-Old Daughter One Month To Move Out Because She Refuses To Heal Her Trauma And Takes Her Anger Out On The Whole Family

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This woman has two daughters– Zoe, who is twenty-one, and Bea, who is seventeen. But she and her two girls have not had the easiest life.

Her daughter’s biological father was apparently a narcissist who would constantly demean Zoe and Bea. So, after years of battling her ex in court, she and her husband, Tim, were finally able to get full custody of the kids.

Zoe was sixteen when that happened, but her ex had still left her daughter with a lot of pent-up negative emotions.

In fact, Zoe apparently has always had a tendency to be cruel and demanding of others. So, she has tried to support her daughter as best as she can.

“I myself have gone to therapy and taken parenting classes to help Zoe. I have read books and tried every resource available. A big help was having Zoe channel those emotions into positive outlets– such as kickboxing,” she explained.

And for a while, Zoe tried to help herself, too. But, once her daughter turned eighteen, Zoe went from enjoying therapy to calling it a waste of time and quitting.

On top of that, Zoe has refused to express her emotions via a positive outlet anymore and instead takes all of her struggles out on the family.

So, even though Zoe lives at home rent-free, gets her annual fifty-six thousand dollar college tuition paid for, and does not have to worry about a car or phone bill, Zoe still refuses to show her and her husband any respect.

For example, she cannot even ask Zoe to do one small thing around the house– like fill up their dog’s food bowl– without her daughter erupting and cursing her out. Then, she is left trying to de-escalate the situation.

Fotoluminate LLC – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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