She’s Refusing To Care For Her Half-Sister In The Event Of An Emergency Because Her Father Cheated On Her Mother With A Girl Her Own Age

tugolukof - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Just a few years ago, this twenty-six-year-old woman’s mother sadly passed away. But on top of all that grief, she had to deal with another heartbreaking discovery.

She learned that her father had apparently been cheating on her mother with a girl that was her age. So, understandably, she and her entire family were appalled.

Practically everyone ended up disowning her father and cutting contact with him. Well, except for her– because she was just not ready to lose two parents at the same time.

Over the last five years, though, she has gradually been able to let go– and only went to visit her father and stepmother twice or three times a month.

“It’s like I have no family left. Don’t get me wrong; I also blame the girl for what happened. But, the responsibility toward my mom and I was my dad’s– not hers,” she revealed.

Still, her father and his wife ended up having a child together– who is now four years old. And, from what she has learned, they are not in the best financial situation.

More specifically, her father is living paycheck to paycheck in a rental home in order to support her half-sister.

This financial downturn came as a result of his affair because he was basically cut out of everyone’s will.

So, she became the sole benefactor among both sides of her family and eventually got the house.

tugolukof – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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