Teal, Blue, And Purple Jack-O-Lanterns: What They Mean & How These Color-Coded Treat Buckets Are Helping Children Stay Safe This Halloween

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One of the best parts of Halloween is seeing kiddos scamper from house to house in hopes of collecting the biggest collection of candy they have ever laid their eyes on.

And for parents, checking out the wildly creative costumes that children come up with every year is another fun holiday pastime.

But, this Halloween, adults should not just be looking at the creative get-ups. Instead, they need to pay attention to what children are putting their candy in.

That’s right– I am talking about the classic plastic jack-o-lantern buckets that can be purchased at Targets, Walmarts, and other superstores across the country.

While most children opt for the traditional orange color, though, those who choose to rock a teal, purple, or blue jack-o-lantern are not just trying out a new style. No, these kids are actually letting neighbors know that they have a special need, condition, or allergy.

Halloween Should Be Fun For Everyone

It’s stressful for most parents to let their children run free on Halloween. But, parents of children with food allergies, epilepsy, and Autism spectrum disorder face much more specific fears.

Rather than excluding some children from the spooky season fun, though, color-coded pumpkin baskets allow all kids to safely enjoy the holiday. And of course, they give parents some peace of mind.

Plus, rocking a colored pumpkin is a great way to raise awareness about important causes– so it’s a win-win!

JenkoAtaman – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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