These Freaky Stories About Paranormal Activity In People’s Homes Will Probably Keep You Up Tonight

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If you have ever watched scary movies like The Amityville Horror or The Conjuring, you probably screamed, “Leave!” more than once. We have all been there.

I mean, after the first or even the second clue that your house might be haunted, wouldn’t anyone in their right mind get the creeps and flee the premises?

Well, while watching a movie, it is easy to assume so. However, in real life, packing up all your belongings, setting fire to the property, and finding another home to live in is just not so simple.

So recently, hundreds of people who have had to live in homes with seriously spooky paranormal activity decided to share their stories online. But beware– these tales will make the hair on the back of your neck stand right up.

He Had To Cleanse His Home After His Toddler Was Being Taunted By Ghostly Spirits

“When my son was three, he started having dreams and visions of people coming out of holes and dancing in his room. He said they were trying to tell him something.”

“He also said he would wake up to see faces in the dark and they were screaming at him. There were many nights when his screaming would wake me up, and I would run into his room. It honestly sounded like he was being attacked.”

“Then, one night in his room, while he was telling me about one of his experiences, I saw a streak of white light move over his face. Another time, I ran into his room, and he was up on his knees, looking around the room.”

“I didn’t say anything and just continued to watch him in the dark. This went on for about fifteen minutes, and, finally, he looked at me and said one word– ‘Manya.’ It was apparently his name for whatever spirit he was saying.”

StockPhotoPro – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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