While Talking About Her Wedding, She Accidentally Shaded Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Rules

And she totally agreed with them and took that opportunity to share her thought process behind the rules.

“I said that was just not me at all, and I just want my guests to have fun as well. So, I don’t want to put many limitations,” she recalled.

Then, one of her fiancé’s friends decided to show her the dress they planned on wearing and ask if it would be appropriate or if the dress would overshadow her.

She noted how the dress, which was yellow, was definitely on the more revealing side. However, she claims that she loved the style and told her friend to go for it.

“I also told her that I’m the bride. So, it’s not easy to overshadow the bride and, if someone does, well, sucks for me, but it’s really not that deep,” she explained.

She never thought that sharing her own mindset would offend her sister-in-law. But, apparently, that final comment seriously pushed her sister-in-law over the edge– because she actually got accused of being a pretentious jerk.

Apparently, the reason that her sister-in-law took such offense to the comments was that she actually had various rules for her wedding. For example, her sister-in-law gave out a very strict dress code, refused to let children attend, and more.

Regardless, though, she never intended to make a backhanded comment about her sister-in-law’s wedding.

But, her sister-in-law obviously took it that way– because she was called a snake and accused of trying to subtly throw shade.

Then, her sister-in-law said that if she had a problem, she could say it to her sister-in-law’s face. And before she knew it, both her sister-in-law and husband had left the party.

Anyway, after the whole ordeal, she confided in her mother-in-law and fiancé. On the one hand, her mother-in-law does believe that her sister-in-law overreacted, but that she still did not have to flaunt how “chill” and “different” she is as a bride.

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