He Was Late To Dinner With His Girlfriend And Her Mom Because He Gave His Ex A Ride Home, And When His Girlfriend Found Out, She Started Crying

paultarasenko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 29-year-old guy used to be in a relationship with a girl the same age as him named Bianca. He and Bianca were together for 7 long years before breaking up 2 years ago.

The end of their relationship was a complete and utter disaster, and he and Bianca did not speak to one another for a whole year.

Several months ago, he and Bianca crossed paths again, and they have since become friends. However, he is currently dating someone new named Julie.

When Julie found out that he had started up a friendship with Bianca, she was not happy about it at all, and she told him she thought it was strange of him to want to be friends with Bianca.

Julie is aware of how bad his breakup with Bianca was, as all of his friends filled her in about it.

“She was really upset when I told her I met Bianca again,” he explained. “I try to be honest because that was a big tension point in my last relationship, so I told Julie that Bianca was my first time really being in love with someone but that I’m with her now and she shouldn’t worry.”

“A few days ago, I was leaving work and going to dinner at Julie’s mom’s when Bianca called. She said she was sorry for bothering me, but her car broke down about half a mile from my office and she wanted to know if I could pick her up bc no one else was answering.”

“I said I would, and I went over. She was smoking (which she only does when she’s really upset), and she said she didn’t know what happened. I took a look, told her what happened, and we waited for roadside assistance to get the car.”

Considering the fact that he was no longer on time for dinner with Julie and her mom, he sent Julie a text letting her know that he was running quite late.

paultarasenko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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