Her Brother Explicitly Said No Plus Ones Were Allowed At His Wedding, But She Still Brought Her Disabled Boyfriend Anyway, And Her Brother Freaked Out

Vulp - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual couple

Just a few days ago, this thirty-one-year-old woman’s brother got married. Prior to the wedding, though, she obviously received an invite in the mail.

And apparently, the invitation explicitly stated that no plus ones were allowed at the event.

She was particularly annoyed about this, honestly, because she wanted to bring her boyfriend of four years, who is disabled, with her to the wedding.

“One, my boyfriend is family, and no one would deny that fact,” she explained.

“And two, I could not find proper arrangements to have someone watch him– since I am his primary caregiver– while I was gone.”

So, she ended up trying to discuss the rule with her brother and asked for an exception. Her brother never actually said yes, though, and she just decided to show up with her boyfriend at the wedding anyway.

Well, immediately after she and her boyfriend arrived at the wedding, her brother and the bride were seriously pissed off.

Then, the couple apparently picked an argument with her– in which she claims her brother said some really hurtful things.

“But, I was glad my brother did not say it in front of my boyfriend,” she added.

Vulp – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual couple

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