Her Dad Put Her Cat Up For Adoption While She Was In The Hospital For A Month, And She Can’t Bring Herself To Forgive Him, Especially Since She Never Got Her Cat Back

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A 29-year-old woman wound up in the hospital for an entire month after she underwent a medical emergency several years back.

While she was in the hospital, her 70-year-old dad headed over to her apartment to get some of her things and some clothes for her.

After she was able to leave the hospital and she arrived back at her apartment, her dad confessed to her that he had taken her cat to the local humane society and put her up for adoption.

“He said that he couldnt take care of her, and I was obviously not able to while I was hospitalized, so he had no other option,” she explained.

“In my mind, he did have options – he could have visited every week and left her with food and clean litter, or he could have pet sat her at his house until I got out (he lives with his girlfriend in a very large house 45 minutes away – they have one small dog and I’m not sure how it fares with other animals, but I don’t see how it would be impossible to keep the cat apart, in the basement or something).”

“I feel that was a heartless thing for him to do. I have no idea whether she was adopted or euthanized, and the thought of her suffering is still painful. I dont want to forgive him for doing it… Yet I wonder if I’m overreacting.”

She knows it was super tough on her dad to see her in the hospital in the state that she was in, and he was so afraid and concerned.

Her dad did help her out by paying her rent on her apartment for the month that she was hospitalized, and he also put up a couple of thousand dollars to pay for her other expenses.

She also is aware that if her dad had not gone to her apartment, her cat absolutely would have starbed to death not being taken care of for a month.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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