Her Grandma Gifted Her Cousin’s Old Engagement Ring To Her, And Even Though Her Cousin Asked For It Back, She Refused And Wants To Wear It On Her Wedding Day

Alinnan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old woman has a 35-year-old cousin named Rachel. A couple of years ago, Rachel was dating a man named Richard, and their whole family adored him.

Richard was the kind of guy who was always there to help any of their family members in need, and when Richard asked them for permission to propose to Rachel, they were all overjoyed.

Rachel’s mom was so excited that she spilled the beans to everyone about the exact ring Richard planned on proposing to Rachel with.

You see, her grandma gifted one of her rings to Rachel’s mom before she was even born. The tradition in their family was that the oldest girl to get married would get that ring as their “something old” to use on their wedding day and then keep passing it down to the next generation.

“Unfortunately, as a teen, Rachel’s house was broken into, and one of the things that was stolen was the ring,” she explained.

“The women in my family were devastated. Richard paid to have the ring made in the near exact image and used it to propose to Rachel. We all thought it was sweet, and even though Rachel said “yes,” she later confessed to not loving her engagement ring and wanted a different one.”

“Unfortunately, this led to Richard and Rachel ending the relationship but since custom made rings couldn’t be returned, Rachel and Richard both agreed to let my grandma have it and that was that.”

Well, she just got engaged, and for Thanksgiving this year, she spent it with her family. On Thanksgiving, her grandma gave her Rachel’s ring to be her “something old” since they don’t have the original ring, and Rachel’s is the closest thing.

Rachel was confused as to why her grandma gifted her the ring, considering it was not the ring that was in their family for years.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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