Her Husband Refused To Pay Her 16-Year-Old Daughter For Baking Him A Birthday Cake, So She Sold His Birthday Present To Reimburse Her Daughter

New Africa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A mom has a 16-year-old daughter who enjoys baking, and her daughter does make money by selling her baked goods to their family members and friends.

A couple of days ago, her husband (and her daughter’s stepdad) celebrated his 45th birthday. Her husband wanted to know if her daughter would be willing to bake his birthday cake, and she said that she would.

Now, she mentioned to her husband that he should pay her daughter for doing this, and her husband blew her off by saying he shouldn’t have to pay for the cake since he’s her daughter’s dad.

“I insisted, seeing she’s “a yes” person and a people’s pleaser, so won’t outright demand the money from him,” she explained.

“He said he’d pay, but days went by, and he didn’t pay her a cent. I decided to go ahead and sell the wristwatch I bought him as his birthday present and pay her for her cake. He foubd out and went off on me.”

She informed her husband that he had had plenty of time to come up with the money to pay her daughter for the cake and that he should have paid up before enjoying the cake.

Her husband shot back that she was teaching her daughter to treat relationships in their family as nothing more than “transactional” while also teaching her to be “materialistic.”

She mentioned to her husband that her daughter put her own money into buying the ingredients for the cake, and her daughter then invested her own time into baking it for him, which she felt warranted monetary compensation.

Her husband didn’t agree with her, and he accused her of being a jerk for selling his birthday present and also raising her daughter to expect things in exchange for helping her family.

New Africa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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