Her Sister Didn’t Ask Her To Be A Bridesmaid Because She Apparently Did Not Fit The “Look” Of The Wedding, So When Her Sister’s Own Maid Of Honor Dropped The Ball With Wedding Planning, And Her Sister Asked Her To Take Over, She Refused

More specifically, her sister’s maid of honor has not planned one thing, never responds to any of her sister’s texts, and just generally seems disinterested in all of the responsibilities.

And in the wake of her sister’s floundering wedding, none of her sister’s other bridesmaids have stepped up to the plate to help out. Apparently, they all claim to have different reasons and excuses why they cannot spend more time on her sister’s wedding.

So, her sister ended up approaching her recently and asking if she would do literally everything– including planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and the actual wedding itself.

Apparently, her sister wants her to provide the same experience that she gave to her friend. Honestly, though, she was offended– and rightfully so.

“My sister only asked me after she saw what a great job I did for someone else,” she vented.

Regardless, though, she recognized that they were sisters and decided to lend a hand. Still, she told her sister that she would help under one condition– if she was made a bridesmaid.

After all, she believed that was the least her sister could do in order to make her feel less like an “errand girl” and more like a true part of the wedding.

But to her total shock, her sister actually refused to make her a part of the wedding. First, her sister claimed that her joining the bridal party would throw off the “numbers.”

Then, her sister revealed that she actually just did not have “the look” her sister was trying to accomplish for the event– which, understandably, seriously offended her.

“Like, at this point, I’m just pissed,” she admitted.

And after learning that, she told her sister it was fine and that she did not have to be a part of the wedding.

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