Her Sister Didn’t Ask Her To Be A Bridesmaid Because She Apparently Did Not Fit The “Look” Of The Wedding, So When Her Sister’s Own Maid Of Honor Dropped The Ball With Wedding Planning, And Her Sister Asked Her To Take Over, She Refused

However, if her sister wanted her to plan the entire thing, she said she would need to be hired and compensated as a wedding planner.

I mean, taking responsibility for planning everything is a massive time commitment and is also super stressful. So, she did not want to be doing it for free– which is fair.

Well, apparently, her sister did not think so at all. Instead, her sister ended up crying to their mother and father about the whole ordeal.

So, both of her parents have since accused her of being a jerk and believe that she should just do the planning as a sister. They are also claiming that by refusing to do so, she is ruining her sister’s day and making the wedding all about herself.

And now, all of these accusations have pushed her to doubt herself. At first, she thought her sister was being ridiculous by expecting her to do all of this work after one, basically insulting her appearance, and two, not wanting her to play any role in the wedding.

But, ever since hearing her parent’s perspective, she has been left wondering if refusing to help plan her sister’s wedding makes her a jerky sibling.

Can you believe that her sister valued “the look” of the wedding over having her as a bridesmaid in the event? Do you think it is fair to expect someone to plan your wedding if they are not involved in the bridal party? Does it matter if they are your sister or not? If you had been in her shoes, would you have also refused to plan the wedding without pay?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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