She Kicked Her Niece Out After Her Niece Kept Bullying Her Daughter, Who Is A Teen Mom

It all began after her sister gave her a call and asked if she would be willing to let Stephanie move into her house. Apparently, her niece was having trouble finding affordable housing in their city, so she was gracious enough to say yes and even let Stephanie move in for free.

“I am very big on family taking care of each other, so I didn’t want to charge my sister’s daughter rent,” she said.

As soon as Stephanie got settled in her home, though, she immediately noticed her niece acting very weird about the fact that Amelia was a teen mother. For instance, Stephanie would make tasteless “jokes” that were really just insulting more than anything.

But she refused to allow that in her house and quickly pulled her niece aside. Then, she told Stephanie that she would not tolerate any sort of bullying or teasing.

Even after having that talk, though, her niece did not let up. Instead, Stephanie just moved on to mocking Amelia about her education.

For context, she recently hired a tutor for both Amelia and Raymond in hopes of providing some additional academic support while they try to juggle both parenthood and school. And when Stephanie found out about the new tutor, her niece apparently rolled her eyes and made snide remarks.

“They wouldn’t need one if they had just been responsible,” Stephanie actually said. Then, her niece even accused her of “rewarding bad behavior.”

Still, she just pointed out how she enjoys taking care of her family– which is why Stephanie was even allowed to move into her home in the first place.

After turning her cheek at Stephanie’s sour behavior twice already, though, she could not handle it after her niece disrespected her daughter a third time– and it ended in a major argument.

She first noticed that Stephanie had been taking some of Amelia’s clothes without getting her daughter’s permission. And apparently, she made it clear that taking other people’s belongings would not be tolerated right after Stephanie moved in.

So, she was pretty frustrated but tried to bite her tongue. Well, that was until Amelia actually asked Stephanie for one of her shirts back, and Stephanie made a comment about Amelia’s weight.

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