She Never Told Her 11-Year-Old Daughter That She’s Actually Adopted, And Now That Her Daughter’s Bio Mom Wants To Meet Her, She Said Absolutely Not

De Visu - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A mom has an 11-year-old daughter that’s actually adopted, but she never told her daughter about that at all.

As far as her daughter is concerned, she’s the one who gave birth to her, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You see, her daughter is actually her 33-year-old son’s child. Back when her son was younger, he wound up getting a now 29-year-old woman named Erica pregnant.

Erica is the daughter of one of her friends, and when Erica and her son found out that they were expecting, they both said that they wanted nothing to do with the baby.

“We offered to financially help Erica out if we were able to adopt the baby as we’d always wanted another child, but it never happened for us,” she explained.

“We paid her rent for 2 years whilst she went to college. Cut to 11 years later. We, unfortunately, have a poor relationship with our son, as he doesn’t want to be involved with our daughter, but we see him and text him frequently enough; he visited us and told us Erica had asked to see our daughter – my husband had told her when she was pregnant that we MAY allow contact, but honestly, we don’t think that’s best for our daughter at this stage.”

She thinks her daughter will be hurt and confused to find out that she’s not her biological mom.

Additionally, her daughter is currently in therapy to help manage her anxiety, so she doesn’t feel that her daughter is in a good place emotionally to process the fact that she’s adopted.

She did let Erica know that when she does feel that her daughter is in a better place, that should be the time for them to inform her about being adopted and also tell her about Erica’s desire to meet her.

De Visu – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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