They Are Four Of The World’s Most Famous Four-Legged Friends, And Here’s Where You Can Find These Pups Laid To Rest

PIXATERRA - -pictured above is a grave in the Cimetière des chiens

Every furry friend that crosses over the rainbow bridge deserves a love-filled memorial. But most pups are only honored by the family and friends who knew them best.

Still, there are a few select dogs that reached such a level of fame over the years that masses of people continued to visit their resting places for decades. These graves represent four of the most beloved and iconic pups of the past who are still honored today.

“Rin Tin Tin” – Cemetery of the Dogs, Asnieres-sur-Seine, France

In 1899, the Cemetery of the Dogs (Cimetiere des Chiens) opened its doors and became the oldest pet cemetery in all of Europe.

The grounds, which are filled with fallen four-legged friends, are decorated with dog toys and doghouse mausoleums. It is also home to where Rin Tin Tin– one of the most famous dog celebs– was laid to rest.

Rin Tin Tin was a German Shepherd that became world-renowned after starring in nearly thirty Holywood films. The pup has even been credited with putting German Shepherds on the map and making the breed a sought-after family pet.

And even though Rin Tin Tin was from America, he was buried in France for a remarkable reason. During World War I, the pup was discovered and rescued from the trenches and lived out the rest of his life among the French.

“Toto” – Toto Canine Movie Star Memorial, Los Angeles, California

When reminiscing about the film The Wizard of Oz, the first thing you might remember is the famed phrase, “There is no place like home.”

PIXATERRA – -pictured above is a grave in the Cimetière des chiens

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