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This 18-Year-Old Guy Has A Girlfriend And 5-Month-Old Son That He Left Behind So He Can Go To College 2 Hours Away From Home

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old guy is currently in college, and his college is 2 hours away from his hometown. In order to go to school, he left behind his girlfriend and their son, who is 5-months-old.

He always wanted to go to this particular college, even before he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant.

“I do try and go home wherever I can to do my share, but when I’m not able to my parents help her take care of him,” he explained.

He says he tries to come home on most weekends to help care for his son, and he also comes home on his college breaks.

Regardless, his girlfriend and his parents have been saying to him that he’s a major jerk for not being there for his son.

“My girlfriend recently told me that she feels like she’s doing all the work alone and it would’ve been easier if I was closer, but she’s also the same person who told me she was fine with me going,” he said.

He’s left wondering if it’s really so wrong for him to be attending college 2 hours away from home since it does mean he can’t be as involved with caring for his son.

Do you think he should have altered his college plans as soon as he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant and picked a college closer to home?

“You’re off living the college life while she’s home with the baby,” one person pointed out. “Attending university “was” the plan. Then you became a dad. The new plan is that you need to support your girlfriend and baby, and that means being close to them.”

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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