This Apple Cider Sangria Is Sure To Be The Show-Stopper On Your Thanksgiving Table, Because The Pitcher Is Full Of Fun Sprinkles

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! If you are the host for family and friends this year, I’m sure you have already made the list of what food to bring to the table.

But have you thought of what drinks to make to impress your guests? To me, good drinks are equally exciting as good food!

TikToker Lisa Stelly’s self-made Apple Cider Sangria will probably give you outstanding inspiration. The drink not only tastes incredible, but it also looks fancy and suitable for the season!

Here are the ingredients you need to impress your guests’ eyes and taste buds!


-Fancy Sprinkles

-3 cups apple cider

-1 bottle white wine/ rosé

TikTok; pictured above is Lisa’s Apple Cider Sangria

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