This Waitress Says She Made Over $400 In Tips One Day While She Was Pregnant

People on the internet can’t get over the life of one particular waitress who has been making incredible amounts of money in tips during her day-to-day schedule. Her circumstances are definitely unique, as she is not only a waitress at Hooters but was also working into the late months of her recent pregnancy.

Tay (@taybbitxh) is a TikTok content creator, mother, and waitress at a Hooters in Georgia. Although she makes it clear in her bio that working at Hooters is not her only personality trait, she has made lots of videos on not only what it’s like working at the legendary American establishment but what it’s like working there while pregnant.

Tay often makes relatable waitressing content on TikTok, talking about what happens when certain regulars come in and how frustrating it can be to seat a big group.

But as she entered the later stages of her pregnancy, her content became super special. I mean, how many pregnant Hooters waitresses have you seen?

What is interesting about Tay’s time at Hooters is that the majority of her income is highly dependent on tips.

In one of her TikTok videos, she said that her actual hourly wage is only $2.13 an hour, which is the minimum cash wage in the state of Georgia.

As stressful as that sounds, Tay showed her followers how being pregnant on the job can actually have its perks and dedicated an entire video to showing how much money she makes in tips in one day. Get ready, because it’s more than you would think.

“Tuesdays are usually our slower days,” says Tay at the start of her video. “There’s four of us on the floor, so I don’t expect to get a whole lot of money, but hopefully, it’ll still be a good day.”

TikTok; pictured above is Tay in one of her videos

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