After Her Mom Passed Away, Her Dad Got Remarried To A Woman That Has Started Wearing Her Mom’s Clothes And Trying To Be Just Like Her Mom, So She Called Her Out At Her Birthday Dinner

Noel Powell - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old girl’s mom sadly passed away 7 years ago from cancer. 3 years after her mom passed away, her dad got remarried to a woman named Julia.

Honestly, she got along fantastically with Julia when her dad was still dating her, but as soon as her dad got married to Julia, everything got so bad that she cannot see herself liking Julia ever again.

It all started when her dad took her mom’s ring. In the days before her mom passed away, she removed this ring from her hand and put it on her finger.

After her dad took her mom’s ring from her, he gifted it to Julia, insisting that it would make them all so much closer. That never happened, though;  instead, it was the first thing to begin driving them all apart.

“When my mom and dad married, it was my dad who took my mom’s last name, so I have that as well,” she explained.

“After their proposal, I requested that my dad can either take Julia’s last name or they can go to my dad’s maiden name, but I didn’t want her to take my mom’s last name. But they didn’t listen.”

“A year later, when they had a baby together, they named her after my mom in the honor of her memory. Again I did not want that, but they didn’t listen. My dad insisted that this would mean they are respecting her and her memory. So the baby has my mom’s first and last name, despite having no connection to her in any way.”

Another thing that has greatly upset her is the fact that Julia has begun wearing everything that her mom ever owned, including her jewelry, her dresses, her shoes, and her watches.

Julia also looks at photos of her mom at different events, such as weddings, and then takes pictures of how her mom wore her hair so her own hairdresser can replicate the styles.

Noel Powell – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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