After Her Mom Passed Away, Her Dad Got Remarried To A Woman That Has Started Wearing Her Mom’s Clothes And Trying To Be Just Like Her Mom, So She Called Her Out At Her Birthday Dinner

Now, she doesn’t think Julia is mean or villainous at all, and she really did like Julia a lot prior to everything that has happened.

She just doesn’t see how she can ever get back to a good place with her dad or Julia. She does still live with both of them, but she makes sure not to speak to Julia at all.

Occasionally, Julia will make an effort to fix their relationship, but in the end, she knows Julia won’t do what is necessary to make her feel better, which comes down to no longer wearing her mom’s belongings.

Well, yesterday evening was Julia’s birthday, so they all went out to dinner with some of Julia’s family members.

She did not want to be there at all, but her dad made her go. While at the restaurant, she refused to order any food and just got water.

“During dinner, Julia was sitting right there wearing my mom’s ring and earrings as my dad tried to raise a glass and give her a toast, referring to her as his wife and the mother of his “children” (it’s just two children),” she said.

“I raised my glass and then poured the drink on the table as people looked at me, I said, “she’s not my mother,” she said, “please don’t start something,” and I said, “you can steal her ring, her jewelry, her clothes, her name, it doesn’t make you her” and asked my dad if I can be excused and left.”

After arriving back home, her dad mentioned that he had accidentally said what he did at dinner, but it wasn’t right of her to create so much drama.

She just replied back that he forced her to go, so it’s really all his fault. A bit later on, her dad and Julia wanted to know what they could do to get her to try to get along with them again, and she gave them 3 things that they have to do.

“I said it’s simple: 1) Julia gives back my mom’s ring, 2) she will not use any of my mom’s belongings, and 3) They change their last name to something other than my mom’s,” she continued.

“Ideally, they should also change the baby’s first name, but I know that’s not realistic (and it’s not her fault), so I’m willing to compromise on that.”

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