After His Son Had A Baby, It Made His Wife Want Another One Too Even Though They’re In Their 40s

Galina Zhigalova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old man has been married to his 41-year-old wife for 2 decades, and they started dating when they were back in high school.

They ended up getting pregnant when he was 18, and she was 16, which was not planned at all.

Despite the hardship of being teen parents, their son ended up being the best thing to have ever happened to the two of them, and they adore him.

Their son is currently 24, and he just had a baby with his wife a month ago. Several weeks after his son told them that he and his wife were expecting, his wife began dropping hints about how much she missed what it was like to have a child.

She began dropping more and more hints, but he figured she was just thrilled to get to be a grandma, and that was why she was acting like that.

“After a few weeks of the subtle hinting, she asked me if I’d consider having another baby now,” he explained.

“Apparently, she regrets never having another (he’s our only child, FYI). I was honest and told her no. I don’t want to start over with another baby in my 40s. Our kid is 24-years-old and has a baby of his own!”

“We didn’t have more children years ago when we were younger because we spent the first 10 years of his life just trying to get by and then to eventually catch up to our peers. It took us a little longer to finish college, to buy our first home, etc., but we got there eventually. Having a kid so young made us get serious about things like real jobs and motivated us to try to advance in our careers much quicker than we probably would have otherwise.”

When their son was around 10 or 12, they did have a conversation about potentially trying for another child, but they decided that they liked their life the way it was, and they didn’t think it was a good idea to have another child.

Galina Zhigalova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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