Have You Ever Thought To Make Christmas Candy In Your Crockpot? Well Here’s A Cool Recipe For You!

TikTok - @ourfriendlyfarmhouse

You’ve heard of easy crockpot meals such as crockpot chicken enchiladas or overnight breakfast casseroles, but did you know that Christmas candy can be made in a crockpot as well?

For me, this concept was totally unheard of until I came across TikToker Melissa Ferguson’s (@ourfriendlyfarmhouse) video, where she films herself making crockpot Christmas candy in celebration of her new book coming out. Side note: if you want to check out Melissa’s new rom-com novel On the Way to Christmas, head to your nearest bookstore!

During this time of year, holiday baking is in full swing. So give your oven a break and turn to your trusty crockpot for help in creating some fantastic Christmas candy. It is more than capable of doing the job!

You’ll need the following:

-2 cups of cashews

-1 cup of pecans

-1 cup of chocolate chips

-1 1/2 cups of peanut butter

-8 ounces of chocolate bark

-8 ounces of white chocolate bark

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