He Didn’t Wrap His Girlfriend’s Christmas Presents Because He Was Too Tired From Work, But Now She Is Really Upset And Believes It Reflects His Lack Of Effort In Their Relationship

But then, before he gave his gift to his girlfriend, he hit her with a bit of a disclaimer. Apparently, he explained how he had been too tired from work to get around to wrapping the present and apologized for that.

It was obvious that his girlfriend was really disappointed by that, though, and her face immediately fell. Don’t get me wrong: she still thanked him for the gift. However, it was clear to him that something was “off” for the rest of the night.

Then, right before he went home, he learned his girlfriend’s true feelings. Apparently, she admitted to feeling like his not wrapping her Christmas gift was “proof” that he just did not put as much effort into their relationship as she did. Yikes.

So, ever since then, he has been feeling pretty confused. To be honest, he believed that just getting his girlfriend a gift was proof enough that he really loved her and cared about their relationship.

“It shouldn’t matter whether or not it was wrapped,” he vented.

At the same time, though, his girlfriend pointed out how it would have taken basically no effort on his part to pick up some cheap wrapping paper or even buy a bag to throw the gift into.

So now, he has been left wondering if not wrapping his girlfriend’s Christmas present because he was “too tired” makes him a total jerk or not.

Do you think just purchasing a gift for a loved one is enough, or does it mean less if it is not wrapped? If your partner gave you an unwrapped present, how would you feel? Do you think his girlfriend had a right to compare his gift to their relationship? If you were in his shoes, how would you try to fix this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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