He Got Up And Told The Brutally Honest Truth About The Bridezilla His Best Friend Was Marrying While Giving A Toast In Front Of All Their Guests At Their Wedding

He said that between his full-time career and renovating several rooms in the house he bought with his wife, he had his hands full and couldn’t be there to reply to every single text as soon as they came in.

His best friend’s bride-to-be texted him to say he needed to tell his wife to say nothing about being pregnant while at the wedding. She insisted all the attention had to be on her and not his pregnant wife.

This bridezilla then sent him another text saying she would not pay for his wife to have any special foods at the wedding, which confused him because they never asked for that.

She sent more texts, accusing him of not helping his best friend to the level he should be. She demanded that he help out with the wedding favors, the wedding programs, and the seating chart.

She demanded he also had to help write out all the thank you notes when the wedding was over.

In another text, she told him he was not a real best man unless he was going to foot the bill for the bar. He was perplexed about what that really meant.

He was also required to give his speech to her before the wedding so she could give it her seal of approval. She thought the speech should focus on her as well and not just his best friend.

“She told me to make up things if I had to,” he wrote. “I was also NOT allowed to include anyone but the two of them and no inside jokes or stories about my buddy that didn’t include her.”

“Her last text said to tell my wife to keep it together and not make a pregnancy scene during the wedding.”

“Also, she wanted her to choose a dress that downplayed her pregnancy as much as possible.”

He was so frustrated by everything his best friend’s bride-to-be was doing that he asked his best friend to please “reason with her.”

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