Her Boyfriend Got Upset With Her For Eating Christmas Dinner At His Family’s House And She’s Honestly Not Sure If She Did Something Wrong

She thought things were going wonderfully, and this was the first time she really got to spend a lot of time with her boyfriend’s family.

She and her boyfriend then left for the night, and she had come in her own car, so they met back up at her apartment.

“We reach my apartment, and I can tell he is totally pissed off. I asked him what was wrong, and he just blew up in my face that I had no manners,” she said.

“Telling me that he had never seen me eat as much as I did at his parent’s house and that it was so embarrassing.”

“After further prying, he said that in his culture, when you eat a lot at a person’s house, it is disrespectful because you should never go to a house on an empty stomach.”

“He said it makes a person look desperate, and there is a language barrier between me and him, and he said in a way fat… but not fat (honestly, I did not understand).”

“He said on the car ride home his mom was talking about how embarrassing and unmannered I was to eat so much.”

“I told him that she told me to put seconds, and he said that’s done to be a good hostess, but a guest should never take up on that offer. He said it would have been fine if I had declined dessert, but because I had not down that, I looked even more “fat.”

This obviously left her feeling awful, and she said to her boyfriend that he should have mentioned that to her before they went to his family’s house.

Her boyfriend shot back that he figured everyone was aware of this rule. Following their argument, they haven’t spoken to one another in days.

She expects her boyfriend to apologize to her, and her boyfriend expects her to apologize to him.

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