Her Cousin Is Currently Expecting Triplets But Has A Low-Paying Job, No Car, No Savings, And No Partner In The Picture, So She Tried To Give Her Cousin A Reality Check, And She Got Freaked Out On 

However, it appears that her cousin already told her mom– who subsequently spilled to beans to her cousin’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and basically everyone else in the family.

This meant that by the end of the scavenger hunt, her cousin did not get the same positive and excited reaction she had been hoping for. Instead, her cousin actually received a lot of pushback from her family.

In fact, even some of her more conservative family members began urging her cousin to consider adoption or terminating the pregnancy.

Other family members encouraged her cousin to really think about how hard raising the three kids alone will be, and they questioned her cousin about how she would be able to afford the undertaking.

“It was not very celebratory. I could tell my cousin was upset, and she left early,” she said.

So, a couple of days later, she decided to travel to her cousin’s studio apartment to have a chat. She apologized for everyone’s lackluster reaction to the pregnancy announcement and gave her cousin some sympathy there.

But then, she did admit to seeing where the rest of her family was coming from. Plus, she was honest– explaining how everyone is just concerned and wants the best for her cousin.

Afterward, she also decided to ask her cousin what she really expected everyone’s reaction to be. And unfortunately, it was about as far from reality as it could get.

“My cousin told me she thought everyone would rally together to help her now and to offer a bunch of help once the babies arrived. She expected financial support, too,” she revealed.

So, at that point, she basically just told her cousin that was very unrealistic and claimed her cousin could not rely on everyone else like that.

Instead, she pointed out how if her cousin does go through with the pregnancy, then she will likely just have to figure much of this out on her own.

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