Her Fiancé’s Stepmom Wanted Her To Force Her Fiancé To Do A Mother-Son Dance At Their Wedding, So She Told The Stepmom That She Is Not Her Fiancé’s Boss And Will Not Tell Him What To Do On His Own Wedding Day

Elena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman is currently engaged, and she and her fiancé are set to tie the knot in June of next year. The couple has chosen to stray from some typical wedding traditions, though, and their big day is not going to be super fancy.

This decision largely has to do with their family dynamics. More specifically, she was raised by a single mother.

So, rather than walking down the aisle with her father– as many brides do– she will be walking with her mother and sister, who is one of her bridesmaids.

Her fiancé also has a strained relationship with his father and stepmother– which impacted how they wanted to put a spin on old-time traditions.

For context, her fiancé lost his mother when he was a young boy. Then, when he was about ten years old, his father remarried his stepmother only about two years after his mother’s death.

And even though her fiancé’s stepmother has always felt like a mother to her fiancé and his three siblings, they never really felt the same way about her.

“My fiancé has told me before he often felt like she was insensitive to their loss and that he always felt as though she was entitled to be their mom without trying to acknowledge or help honor their actual mom,” she explained.

In turn, his fiancé has just tried to tolerate his stepmother’s existence. At the same time, he is not close with his father, either– who apparently does not care about the lack of relationship her fiancé and his siblings have with him.

So, her fiancé ultimately decided that his three siblings would be his “best people” rather than having traditional “groomsmen” or a “best man.” Plus, he opted to have his siblings walk him up to the altar.

Elena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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