Her Grandma Gave Her The Wedding Dress That She Wore, And After Her Cousin Asked If His Fiancée Could Wear It, She Said No, But They’re Still Pleading With Her To Fork Over The Dress

alipko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old girl’s grandma gave many of her belongings away to her family last year, except for her home and other larger things that she owns.

Her grandma gave her the wedding dress that she wore back in the 50s or 60s, and she absolutely adores the dress.

Although she knows she won’t be walking down the aisle anytime close to soon, she wants to be able to one day wear her grandma’s wedding dress when she does make it to the altar.

Now, she does have a 26-year-old cousin named Jake, who is about to get married next year to his fiancée, Lily.

She and Jake aren’t close at all, and so she was surprised a week ago when Jake sent her a message.

Jake then cut to the chase; he wanted Lily to be able to wear their grandma’s wedding dress. She let Jake know that she was not interested in giving Lily the dress, and Jake was not happy.

“I decided to hear him out; he said that his fiancée would tell me her plans for alterations and stuff,” she explained.

“Lily called me the next day, and to sum it up; she pretty much wanted to cut up the dress, dye it and completely change the bodice.”

“I told Lily that her plans were not ok with me, and she pretty much said, “I’m just going to give it to my future daughter/daughter-in-law, so I wouldn’t want you wearing it.” I was shocked by this…entitlement, and I told her that since it was my grandma’s dress, I would want her wearing it as it would take away from the sentimentality for me.”

alipko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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