Her Husband Thought It Was Rude That Her Parents Included Them Both On One Christmas Party Invitation, So She Told Her Parents That Unless They Send Her Husband His Own Invite, She Would Not Be Attending

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Over the weekend, this woman and her thirty-two-year-old husband, named Luke, received an invitation from her parents for a Christmas party. Immediately, though, her husband had an issue with the invite.

For context, Luke and her parents have never really gotten along. Weirdly enough, though, there is never a clear “right” or “wrong” party.

Instead, there is always just some bizarre ongoing tension between them. Thankfully, though, when it matters, her husband and her parents can put their differences aside to sit down together at one dinner table.

In terms of the Christmas party invitation, though, Luke was specifically angry that they were both included on the same invite. In fact, he found it totally disrespectful and rude that she and he were grouped together– despite being literally married.

“Luke believes that he should get his own invitation and not have his name mentioned as an ‘extension’ to mine,” she revealed.

So, after they both discussed it, her husband claimed that he actually would not go to the Christmas party unless her parents resent him a “proper invitation.”

Rather than shutting Luke down, though, she actually caved and called her parents up to ask for another invite for her husband! And obviously, her mother thought that Luke was acting insane.

Her mother also claimed to have sent her sister and brother-in-law the exact same single invitation– and neither of them had a problem with it. So, her parents were completely confused.

She then tried to explain away Luke’s behavior and claimed that he “can be sensitive like that.” Still, she asked that her parents invite him separately over text anyway if they could not send out another invitation!

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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