Her Mom Expects Her To Sleep Outside In A Tent In The Cold On Christmas Since The House Is Too Crowded

volurol - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old girl has three siblings, and she’s the youngest out of all of them. She has a 31-year-old brother, a 28-year-old sister, and a 25-year-old brother.

She and her siblings all grew up being raised by their dad and their stepmom. Meanwhile, their biological mom lives in a different country along with her husband.

This year, her mom asked her and all of her siblings if they could travel to her country so they could all be together for Christmas.

Her mom also said she would pay for her visa and transportation costs, and she offered to do the same thing for her siblings.

Her mom never mentioned to her where she would be sleeping when she arrived, and she figured her mom would at least give her an air mattress.

Well, she was wrong, and one of her brothers let it slip to her that her mom actually wanted her to sleep outside in the backyard in a tent.

She didn’t believe her brother and thought he was joking with her, so she decided to talk to her mom.

When she brought everything up to her mom, her mom didn’t understand what the problem was. She asked if she could sleep inside on the couch instead, but her mom replied that she would be bothering one of their family members, who likes to stay up late and watch TV.

She finally said to her mom that she had no interest in sleeping outside and would rather skip spending Christmas there.

volurol – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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