Her Older Sister Has Blamed Their Mom And Dad’s Divorce On A Superstition About Roses For Decades, So She Finally Got Sick Of It And Revealed That The Divorce Was Due To Their Father Being A Serial Cheater

Alina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-seven-year-old woman has an older sister named Jan, who is forty-one. And over twenty years ago, their parents went through a pretty bad divorce.

Now, she claims that from a very young age, it was pretty obvious that her parent’s marriage was really messed up.

“Dad cheated a lot and never tried to hide it,” she revealed.

However, it appears that her older sister never caught on or wanted to accept that reality. Instead, for over two decades, Jan has actually just believed that the downfall of her parent’s marriage was because of a curse.

That belief came from one specific incident when she was six-years-old, and Jan was nine. At the time, her father apparently bought her mom a dozen roses one day.

And using context clues, she was able to figure out that her dad was trying to use the bouquet in an attempt to apologize for an affair.

Well, that apology reportedly led to a massive fight, and that was the end of that.

Then, a few years later, her sister Jan was watching TV when she saw a romantic and “cutesy scene.” This seemingly sparked a lightbulb in Jan’s head, and her sister asked her dad why he never bought their mom flowers.

“Roses are cursed and make your mom mad at me,” her dad told Jan.

Alina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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