Her Recipe For Parmesan And Truffle Oil Roasted Potatoes Makes For A Great Side Dish Idea For Christmas

TikTok - @jadecarolanfitness

Need a side dish for the Christmas feast? You can’t go wrong with serving parmesan and truffle oil roasted potatoes at the holiday meal because who doesn’t love cheese and potatoes?

No one, that’s who! It’s a dish that elevates simple ingredients, topped off with a fancy twist of aromatic truffle oil.

Plus, it will cement you as a competent cook among your family.

And the best part is that it’s almost effortless. Instead of slaving away over the stove, all you have to do is throw chopped potatoes in the oven and pour yourself a glass of wine while you wait. It’s much more fun this way!

Jade Carolan (@jadecarolanfitness) has a great recipe that will have people enthusiastically scraping their plates because they just can’t get enough of the garlicky side dish.

So let’s get into the recipe!


-300 grams of Maris Piper potatoes

-2 garlic cloves

-15 grams of butter

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