Her Siblings Claimed That Her Ex-Husband Showed Up And Wanted To Get Back Together With Her, But It Turned Out To Just Be A Cruel Prank, And Now She Wants To Disinvite Her Siblings From Christmas Dinner

In turn, she was already considering not inviting him to the annual Christmas dinner this year. But, if she had any doubts about going through with that, her decision was only sealed last week after her brother decided to pull a little prank on her.

Apparently, her brother and her ex-husband have remained friendly despite the divorce, and they even still talk regularly.

So, for whatever reason, her brother decided to text her and claim that her ex was at her sister’s house. Moreover, her brother said that they had been talking about her ex giving her a second chance and asked if she could head over to her sister’s house.

And at that moment, she was filled with renewed hope. Her brother and sister even instructed her to bring over flowers for her ex, so she jumped into action.

She put on makeup, did her hair as perfectly as she could, and even stopped at the store to pick up the most beautiful bouquet of flowers they had.

“It cost me a lot of money, but I did not care. I was just so excited to hopefully get one step toward getting my ex back,” she recalled.

Afterward, she raced to her sister’s house and did not even knock on the front door– that’s how excited she was. As soon as she walked in, though, she just saw her brother and sister sitting there, laughing at her.

And when she finally asked where her ex was, her siblings made a snide remark about how he was probably with his new girlfriend.

Of course, her heart immediately dropped, and she asked, “He has a girlfriend?” And as if they have hearts of stone, her siblings just sat there laughing at her!

So, if you have not figured it out by now, her ex was never at her sister’s house hoping to get back together. Instead, her siblings decided to pull possibly the cruelest “prank” ever. And she was devastated.

“I threw my flowers at them and started crying and drove home,” she said.

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