Here Are Some Of The Most Haunted And Spine-Tingling Schools In America

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Schools are supposed to be sanctuaries: safe places where children can escape from the stresses of home life to learn, socialize, explore new interests, and find out who they really are as individuals.

But virtually no school in America is so idealistic and innocent. Some of the more common fears that children must overcome during their school-age years include everything from cliques and bullying to public speaking and running the mile during P.E.

At some institutions, though, there are even more malevolent threats. That’s right; I am talking about spirits and supernatural phenomena. So, read on to learn more about some of the most notoriously haunted schools in the United States.

Poasttown Elementary School – Middletown, Ohio

Back in 1963, a young man named Daryl Wissman attended Poasttown Elementary and forged many great memories within its halls.

So, by the time Daryl was a well-off adult, he actually decided to purchase the school in 2004 for $189,000. This buyout came just four years after the school was shut down and abandoned.

Daryl’s ultimate dream was to renovate the school and turn it into a unique home property. Soon after buying the building, though, he and his wife, Brenda, realized that there were bizarre occurrences happening within its walls.

Even though the couple lived there alone, they would often hear unknown voices echoing through the corridors.

Then, after asking one of Daryl’s friends– who was a reportedly very tough man– to conduct some repairs upstairs, their suspicions about the property’s hauntings were confirmed. Even Daryl’s friend reportedly came running downstairs screaming and claiming to have seen a ghost.

PhotoSpirit – – illustrative purposes only

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