His Girlfriend Invited Him To Spend Christmas With Her Family, But He’s Refusing To Go Unless Her Parents Change Their Minds About Paying For His Plane Tickets

Fxquadro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A guy lives in a city, and his girlfriend is from a tiny little town. His girlfriend’s family still lives in this town, and they asked him and his girlfriend to come to spend Christmas with them this year.

His girlfriend’s parents always pay for her flights since she’s currently in college and has no money.

He’s been with his girlfriend for 5 months now, and she was shocked when his girlfriend’s parents said that they would pay for her flights this year but that they would not pay for his too.

“I talked to my girlfriend and pointed out how they paid for her BIL (her sister’s husband) she said it’s ‘different’ since he’s their son inlaw and that her parents aren’t ‘obligated’ to pay for me since they barely know me,” he explained.

“I said it didn’t matter how long they’ve known me; as a guest, I should receive the same treatment as everybody else.”

“I told her I won’t come unless my ticket is paid for. Period. She got mad and said it was weird for me to expect them to pay and that it was up to me to figure it out. I said cool, then I’m not coming.”

His girlfriend is currently really angry with him over this, and she believes that he’s being petty for no reason.

She’s very upset with me, saying I’m being ridiculous, making a fuss over a plane ticket after her parents respected me enough to invite me to join their celebration,” he said.

“She’s expecting me to take it back.”

Fxquadro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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