She Had Her Dog Taxidermied After He Passed Away, But She Never Told Her Family Members And After They Came To Stay With Her, They Have Accused Her Of Being Strange While Also Expecting Her To Help Pay For Them To Go Stay In A Hotel

nadisja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

A woman had a 15-year-old Pomeranian named Franco, who sadly passed away a year ago. After Franco died, she decided to have him taxidermied.

It was an incredibly long process to have that done, and it actually ended up taking close to 18 months.

Franco was only recently returned to her in a pose that makes it seem like he’s taking a nap on a couch that she has sitting in her home office.

Since Franco’s passing, she ended up adopting two other Pomeranians from a rescue organization.

She admits that some Pomeranians can be ankle biters that just yap on end, and many people cannot handle them, but she adores the breed.

“My new pups, Guido and Vinnie, are good about leaving him alone after freaking out when he first came home,” she explained.

“However, I did not think to mention what I did to my family. My brother and sister-in-law and their kids are visiting for Christmas. They are here from New Zealand, so it is a long visit.”

Now, she and her wife live in a city, and they have a lot of space in their home, so her family figured it would be best to stay with her until they leave to see California.

For the last couple of days, her family has been out and about sightseeing, and they only just got back to her house after being away for a while.

nadisja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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